Best Online Rate Guarantee
To ensure your rate is the best booked through, we are delighted to offer our "Best Online Rate Guarantee". Whenever, wherever, you find a rate on the net which is lower than our published rate on, simply fill in the claim form, we will honor that rate for the night(s) for which the lower rate was found, plus give you an additional 25% discount off that rate, upon verification by Eaton Hong Kong (Terms & Conditionsapply).

In addition, there is no booking fee by using our online booking system.

How does our "Best Online Rate Guarantee" work?

Step 1 Reserve now at Eaton, Hong Kong, or click here to file a claim
Step 2 If a rate found lower than our confirmed rate within 24 hours of booking, view the "Terms & Conditions" of our "Best Online Rate Guarantee" and submit the claim form.
Step 3 After verification Eaton, Hong Kong (Terms & Conditionsapply), we will honor that rate for the nights plus 25% additional discount off that rate.